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– When the Heavens Fall ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 1st, 2017
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4 / 5 ★★★★☆ ” A clever debut, held back only by the author’s wish to include as many magic systems as he could conceive, but a good story and interesting characters helps to bring this book alive”

When the Heavens fall, is a book I thoroughly enjoyed, the book juggles multiple viewpoints and their respective characters all of whom I enjoyed reading about, Luker was the talented protégé of the Guardians, Parolla the mysterious incredibly powerful young woman, Ebon the young, somewhat unfit to rule, ruler and Romany the priest of the Goddess known as The Spider. When the Heavens Fall follows each individuals story as they travel to find an incredibly valuable, dangerous and powerful spellbook, each faces different perils on their path and the story of the book is slowly mapped out as the characters travel closer to their destination. The world that Turner has built is intriguing, there is a rich history and it feels incredibly immersive, what I really enjoyed was learning about different aspects of the world from each character, and how their differing views built different pictures of the rulers they served or of the place they called home.

Turner has not only managed to create a world that feels rich but he has also created great characters, whilst I enjoyed some more than others that was only due to personal preference in my fantasy characters, I never felt bored. My only problem when it came to characters, was that I found myself forgetting names, I would often have to backtrack to remind myself, and while that could just be my failing, it’s my review and I found it hard, so there.

The book as a whole was an incredibly enjoyable ride, I enjoyed working out the connections within the world, enjoyed the twists of the story, my only complaint was that it was too full, although that isn’t much of a complaint. I found that with both characters and the magic of the world I was sometimes lost, it felt like Turner wanted every new character to have multiple facets and some hidden power, however at the end of it all I found the extra time I put in to be well worth it and I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it? Tell me why or why not below.

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