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– My Favorite Releases of This Year ( Fantasy Recommendations ) –

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  • September 15th, 2017
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If some of this looks familiar it is probably because some of these books are contained in my top 10 books or top 10 series lists, if it doesn’t, don’t worry I won’t hold it against you. And if you do wish to see some of my other recommendations don’t hesitate to find my top 10 books or top 10 series lists. This list will grow as I find great books from this year, or shrink as we pass into next year.

Godblind – Anna Stephens

Titled after a line from its epilogue, Godblind is an interesting take on the genre, with 6 point of view characters in its first 6 chapters, it may not be for everyone but the scope of the book is totally justified when you work your way through the experience that is Godblind. With multiple twists and turns you are constantly left scrambling to keep up with character motivations and waiting to see who will be successful in their schemes. Whilst it may juggle multiple storylines the reader is constantly invested in the actions of the characters as they scramble to make sense of the world they live in. Godblind begins at a sprint and doesn’t slow down even as it approaches the finish line, its sequels are some of my most anticipated books, something that is only amplified by her promise of a book a year meaning the wait isn’t too long for all of us fans.

You can find my review of Godblind here.

Court of Broken Knives – Anna Smith-Spark

Certainly this is a monster of a book, set apart by the quality of its writing, whether it’s the stunning descriptions or the captivating characters, the prose of this book will blow you away. Whilst this book is definitely not for everyone, some I have seen describe it as a slow book, but if like me you can appreciate the writing itself, then this is definitely a book you need to read. The reader is transported into a dark and gritty world, balanced out by packages of cheer found throughout the journey that is the Court of Broken Knives. The book addresses the actions of men in times of war, weaving in memorable places and characters along the way. A dark book set apart by the incredible writing and a book I will be re-reading for some time.

You can find my review of Court of Broken Knives here.

An Echo of things to come – James Islington

James Islington delivers a brilliant sequel to his debut “A shadow of what was lost” that does exactly what you want it to, it answers the questions that you had from the first book, and leaves you asking twice as many by the end. Islington expands on the foundations he built in his first book and continues the story he began, he masterfully balances exposition and continuation leading to another fabulous book, my only gripe is the wait he has now put me through as I long for book 3, something about that seems familiar . . .

Age of Swords – Michael J. Sullivan

If you haven’t read all of Michael J. Sullivan’s work, then why not Riyria Revelations is a superb series and also listed as one of my favourites on my top 10 series page, his latest work set thousands of years before that series is great at providing insights into the nature of the different races, the turmoil of the Elves (Fhrey), the strength of the humans and we meet the dwarves, who doesn’t love dwarves? Sullivan has expertly expanded on his original book and although I would still rate Age of Myth slightly higher, but both are definitely worthy of a read.

Do you have any thoughts on these books? Do you agree? Disagree?

Feel free to comment below.




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