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  • September 12th, 2017
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Now with this list I have attempted to include only series that have finished, although as you may have noticed in some places I have failed, these are some of my favorite fantasy series to read, and who knows maybe you will enjoy them too. I also have a Top 10 books list which is more focused on the individual books and not the entire series, you can find that here. You may have noticed that some very high profile books are missing from this list, that isn’t because I dislike them but instead due to the fact I feel many of them need no recommendation because at this point, who hasn’t heard of Game of Thrones.

The Majat Code – Anna Kashina

The Majat Code is a book that leans towards what I feel is generic fantasy, with a hero or heroic group and a villain or a villainous group, while this book isn’t as cut and dry as that it does to an extent follow the formula. In this case I don’t think that it is a bad thing, it leads to more memorable characters and a more interesting world because of it. Kashina has written great battle scenes, as short as they seem to be, and promises more great work to come.

The Half Orcs – David Dalglish

I wasn’t sure as to whether to include Shadowdance as part of this recommendation, while the last book of Dalglish’s other series appears in my top 10 books list, Shadowdance and the Half-orcs go together in my mind. However while I do recommend Shadowdance for me it is eclipsed by Half-Orcs which I feel doesn’t fall into the same repetitiveness that happened towards the end of Shadowdance. Dalglish perfectly balances the action in this series, and fans of Shadowdance are rewarded with the crossover that begins a few books into the series. Rarely have I read such perfectly executed action sequences, Dalglish appears to have a way to immerse the reader in his scenes and keep them hooked to the end.

Frostborn – Johnathan Moeller

While there are some who may hate this series, I adore it, Moeller put out 3 books from this series each year, and while there may be areas where the quality falls slightly and it begins to feel somewhat repetitive, the books are an incredibly fun read. At its heart the Frostborn series feels like an RPG or an MMO as the characters slowly build up to the final boss only to discover a new one. The world building is great and original and I constantly felt immersed in the world Moeller had created, I found it to be an incredibly enjoyable read.

The Spiders War – Daniel Abraham

The Spiders War is a somewhat different series, it follows the actions of a bank, primarily, it contains a war, that we never really see a battle of and it follows some amazing characters, and it is not at all boring. It is an incredibly interesting series that moves away from generic stories and generic heroes and more towards a more panoramic view of the world in which it is set.

The Wall of Night – Helen Lowe

“The Heir of Night” the opener of this series is most definitely not my reason for this series being placed on my list, it is in fact not a book I would like to read again, however the follow up to it, now that is incredible. Helen Lowe’s continuation of the series is brilliant, making it through that first book was well worth it, you are immersed in an original world, and provided more names than you could ever hope to remember. It is an incredible series that has left me, as always waiting for the next instalment. You can read my review of the series so far starting here.

Nightblade – Ryan Kirk

Nightblade is a series that I feel suffers from the same problems that for me plagued Shadowdance, repetition each book feels like a boss battle and as soon as thing start to look dire some new friend or technique moves in to save the day. However the reason as to why this is up here and Shadowdance isn’t is that I feel the characters in Nightblade feel more real and that it isn’t until the Half-orcs until some of the characters from Shadowdance come alive. Nightblade focuses a lot on individual sword fights and is much the better for it, it is well paced and enjoyable, I am eagerly awaiting Kirk’s latest foray into his world in Nightblade’s Vengeance.

Greatcoats – Sebastien De Castell

The Greatcoats is a great series, focusing on the bond between three friends Castell builds an interesting world and weaves interesting plots around his main characters constantly shifting expectations and elevating the story to new heights. As I seem to be saying a lot the fighting is done to perfection I was constantly rooting for the trio as they attempt to blunder their way through a new setback or fight an un-winnable fight. The book has a great story, great characters, and a great setting, something that I don’t believe applies to many books that I have had the pleasure to read, and believe me it is a pleasure to read.

Riyria Revelations – Michael J. Sullivan

Of all of Sullivan’s work currently this holds the spot as my favorite, although as it stands his latest work, a prequel to this series set thousands of years prior is shaping up to steal the crown. These books are one hell of a roller coaster ride they have all the highs and some very low lows, each book is different to the last but while each has it’s own identity they all work together to tell a superb tale of revenge, fame and fortune.

Raven’s Shadow – Anthony Ryan

The Ravens Shadow series is another that in some ways I do feel is somewhat generic, maybe that’s because I prefer blurred lines when it comes to my characters intentions, while it does work to throw twists at me, I wish it did it some more. That being said this series is a great read, whether it’s the great fight sequences or the smaller moments of intrigue, reading the first book will almost certainly draw you in for the rest.

Seven Forges – James A. Moore

Seven forges is a strange series, it follows both the connection between two peoples as they find it hard to find common ground upon which to stand, it is an interesting world to delve into with some of my favorite fantasy characters to date. There is however a downside, the series appears to have ended at book 4, this is something that confuses me considerably much of the questions I had were left unanswered and I feel as though we should be due a book 5, but there is no information as to whether this series is over, so I’ll put it up here and hope for a book 5 because the series sincerely deserves it.

Did you enjoy these books? Have you read them? Do you wish to? Or maybe you disagree, feel free to tell me below.


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