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– The Heir of Night ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 2nd, 2017
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3 / 5 ★★★☆☆ “Although I love the rest of the series, I found Helen Lowe’s debut to be a book that just wasn’t quite there it felt too much like the prologue to the real story, the slow pace really didn’t help either. Even though I understand why we needed this book I just feel it just isn’t to the same standard of the sequels.”

I found the Heir of Night to be a good book, it wasn’t great but I was able to read through the entire thing, my problems with it lay in the main characters, I feel that a whole book devoted to the main characters as teenagers was in fact too much, the entire book was left feeling like a prologue, the build-up to the exciting parts of the story. The main problems which I had stemmed from the idea that the book, marketed as an Epic Fantasy felt incredibly limited due to the age of the characters, as a reader I often felt I had too much information due to the fact that Lowe had spoon fed the characters themselves throughout parts of the story, I assume because she wanted the reader to fully understand the scope of her story and the implications of the events of the book. However it never really worked as intended, I came away from all the backstory wondering why a child, described as under 14 was being talked to as though she was an adult throughout the book Malian herself never appeared to act her age, and those who interacted with her often fell into a similar trap.

I was happy to see in this book that there was a beautifully crafted world, I did feel that there was a story to the book and although I did feel the characters were often incredibly weak the world that Lowe has built in many ways helps to make up for it, and so it should with the amount of time we spend learning about it. But that brings me to my other point which I disliked which was the way in which the world is presented to us, there is very little to discover as I have already mentioned, exposition is often spoon fed to us, it feels very forced and the worst part I felt was that there was often very little to unearth just like the characters it often felt shallow. I do however feel that this is remedied by the books that follow this one and that the setting of this particular book doesn’t do it any favours, the wall itself is described as a boring place, so why do we have an entire book set there?

After continuing the story however I am now able to see the need for this book, it sets up many key themes and helps to establish characters, that doesn’t change the fact that I think it could have been done better though, it’s clear to me that Lowe wanted to get her world seen and so she wrote this book and that’s why it feels like a long exposition dump. I would however like to say that deciding to continue this series was something I am very happy about, the next two books were exponentially better and I am now left eagerly awaiting book 4.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it here.

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