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– The Gathering of the Lost ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 3rd, 2017
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5 / 5 ★★★★★ “A superb sequel, full of surprises and mysteries, a much larger scope makes for a much more interesting book, paired with a great story and much more intriguing characters, makes a book that totally changed my opinion on the series.”

I’ll start by saying that I loved this book, I didn’t expect to following the Heir of Night but I did, the main reason is that this book feels as though it could have been written by a different author, there is intrigue, there are interesting subplots and thankfully there is some great character development for me this is exactly what the series needed. I had only one problem with this book, that I will get out the way here, and that is that it made me re-read the Heir of Night, while you probably cannot do this, there is so much relevant information in that book and although there is a glossary at the end of this one, sometimes it just wasn’t enough. That point aside, I loved this book.

This book takes place 5 years following the events of the Heir of Night, an instant improvement on the first, the book also manages to weave in one of the coolest twists that I have read for a long time and since I don’t want to deprive you of that superb piece of writing I will leave it at that. The book as I have mentioned relies heavily on the first, the key concepts drilled into the readers of the Heir of Night, are still as you would expect front and centre, however Lowe has decided to leave the wall behind and that is why this book is great. I have already mentioned in my review of the Heir of Night that I found Lowe’s world itself to be brilliant, and this book capitalizes on it, we learn so much more of the world and this time it no longer felt forced, I wasn’t reading a history book about the Derai, there were subtle hints dropped in conversation and internal dialogue which helped to bring the story alive.

And so onto the characters themselves, to put it simply they were great, when I knew who everyone was that is, in this book the characters felt as they should for an epic fantasy, not everyone could be trusted to be who they said they were, there were plots and schemes all on a collision course with the main characters and there were even, dare I say it, great returning characters from the first book who even got some background this time. The lack of a child as a protagonist also really helped to move this story along, nothing felt as dumbed-down as it had in the first book and the dialogue felt much more complex, the characters were more lifelike in their interactions all in all a great improvement on the previous instalment.

If this series had been able to start at this point I believe it could have been much more popular, as it is those who can make it through the first book are subject to one of the best two follow up works, in comparison to the first, that I have ever read, and all it took was a five year time jump. To conclude, I found that this book fixed all the problems I had with the first, and totally changed my expectations for the series, to me it really did become worthy of being called an Epic Fantasy and I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes the genre.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it here.

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