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– The Death of Promises ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 6th, 2017
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4 / 5 ★★★★☆ “Thoroughly enjoyable storytelling, payoffs from the first books, an emotional rollercoaster to be sure, a superb book but not without some small failures.”

I found this book to be an incredibly enjoyable experience, there was very little to dislike and what I did dislike I will put here at the start of my review, my only problem with this book was the amount that happens within it, while this to an extent is great, it also felt to me that there could have been slightly more downtime between the action, perhaps a few more conversations between characters just a little bit more exposition. Whilst I didn’t think this made the book flawed, it was just I feel it might have been nice to see the characters outside of the battles that seem to constantly plague them in this book, for me this was a very minor point and I believe my familiarity with characters from Dalglish’s other works did play a part in that, I was already acquainted with Jerico and the Eschaton Mercenaries. My other problem with this book came with, dare I say it the actions scenes, something that I love Dalglish’s writing for, I felt during the middle of the book things began to get repetitive often I found myself bored the scenes themselves hoping we could skip past the same description of a fight scene that we had already been subjected to multiple times.

The characters were a large positive for me during this book, it was nice to see how relationships had developed and how things shifted throughout the book in particular seeing the Harruq try to come to terms with decisions that he made during the previous book was great and was written convincingly and conversely seeing Qurrah attempt to deal with both his feelings and his actions from the previous book was also an interesting journey for the reader. It was great to see the larger picture of the series coming together during this book after re-reading it, I can see many subtle hints as to the direction of the series, which helps to add complexity to both the story and the series as a whole. The world as I have often found with this series was done well, it felt more complex as more characters were introduced and at this point seems to be well developed, although as I have stated a familiarity with Dalglish’s other works does make my opinion somewhat biased.

I have found that this series so far has been very enjoyable, if stronger in parts than in others, I found this book to be no exception Dalglish juggles multiple story lines well and brings new characters to the series which help to add depth to the world as a whole, I found that the book was an enjoyable experience even if parts of it didn’t live up to my expectations. all in all I would say that if you have got this far into the series this book is a great read and most definitely not a reason to stop and I would certainly recommend both the book and the series to fans of Dalglish’s other works as it is nice to see characters pop up in this series.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it here.

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