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– The Cost of Betrayal ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 5th, 2017
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4 / 5 ★★★★☆ “Moving away from generic storytelling, introducing great characters from his other series and as always writting superb action scenes,Dalglish has written a great book.”

I found very little to dislike in this book, I enjoyed it so much more that the first, that was mainly down to the fact that I felt there was more that 5 named characters in this one, as well as the large expansion in characters I also enjoyed the story of this book much more, I feel it moved away from how generic the first book felt and due to the fact the book was both longer and that it covered a longer time period Dalglish was able to showcase more of his work. I was very thankful to see that the story line felt much less predictable in this book, it felt as though Dalglish had no qualms about killing off characters you wouldn’t expect in a way that felt very George RR Martin esque, it was nice for him to have more characters to play with. However I did find that my only problems with this book did come with the characters, I felt that they were in some cases severely under developed, whilst I had context from reading Shadowdance, I do feel that others who have not really could have benefited from further explanation.

As always I found that the world of Dezrel was as diverse as ever I really do enjoy the facets of Dalglish’s world, I was happy to see that we learnt more about it throughout this book although I do again feel that there is a slight reliance on Dalglish’s other works if you wish to fully understand the scope of some of the characters conversations, which I do dislike. The story itself, while I found it very enjoyable I feel it read much more like a collection of short stories, often some chapters felt like they ended in fade to black moments and a new story began with the next chapter, I feel the book could have benefited from a slightly smoother flow in terms of narrative. The reason that I have given the book 4 stars is however is the exquisite fight scenes, I loved the pacing of them and also both their frequency in the book and the descriptions of them when they occurred I was often fully immersed, and was happy to see that Dalglish didn’t pull his literary punches, the book most definitely lived up to its name.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this book, while I felt that there could have been minor improvements in the way that it was paced and in some of the characters who in some cases felt under-developed. Overall, I feel that these things are easy to overlook as you read the book and I found it to be an incredibly enjoyable experience.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it here.


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