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– A Sliver of Redemption ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 9th, 2017
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5 / 5 ★★★★★ “The ending this story deserved, full of action and even some great surprises, without a doubt the best book of the series”

I really did love this book, I thought that there was very little wrong with it, the book continues immediately following the cliff-hanger that was book 4 and from that point on the action does not let up once. As it always seems to be with Dalglish’s books he gives neither his characters nor the reader any time to rest before he throws them into their next adventure or battle and that has made for a very fast paced series and this book is just the same, something that I personally loved. Although I have had issues with it in the past for this book individually I felt the pacing really was good it helped Dalglish put emphasis on his amazing battle sequences which are just as extraordinary in this book as I have found them to be in the rest of the series. The story itself I found to be great in this book, it was interesting to see how Dalglish brought all the threads together, something which I think he did very well considering the amount he was juggling going into this final book. It was also very nice to see Dalglish thinking ahead and already sowing seeds for his next books, it really did help to add an element of complexity to the story. My only disappointment when it came to the story was a few small continuity errors which did bug me slightly but weren’t enough to dampen my enjoyment of the book as a whole.

It was nice to see the world expanded in this book, we were given a much deeper look into its past, I thought this was great and really added something that was somewhat lacking in the previous book, many of the questions that I had about the world were answered which I was very happy to see. Since Dalglish had already provided the reader with his world it was great to see him shift things up in this book and create new questions, ones that I assume he will answer as he continues this series, although it will be a totally different story from what I understand after reading this on.

All in all I found that this book was great fun to read and if you were already enjoying the series then you will love this book and if not, this book is in my opinion certainly worth reading the rest of the series for, it is great to see so many great story lines come together and see incredible growth by a writer, I would definitely recommend it for fantasy fans.

If you wish to find a review of the entire series of books, you can find that here. Be warned, it does contain spoilers.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it here.

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