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– The Silent Army ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 21st, 2017
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2 / 5 ★★☆☆☆ “While marginally better than book 3, it comes no where close to book 1 in terms of plot, characters or the world”

Against my better judgement, after reading book 3 I decided that I would finish this series, and now after finishing it I wonder why this impulse came over me and am left wishing that it hadn’t. I found that this book was plagued with the same problems as its predecessors and while I did find some redeeming characteristics in this book, I was just left totally underwhelmed with the book on the whole. My problems began with the story itself, and while they didn’t stop there, it is as good a place as any to start, my problem with all of these books, bar maybe the first is that the pacing feels wrong, I constantly feel like more should be happening and even when things do eventually happen the payoffs are nowhere near as rewarding as I feel they should be. I think that most of this comes down to the enemy that he has conceived for this series, the Sa’ba Taalor for me, just don’t work, they are shown to be all powerful with little or no weaknesses and perfectly faithful to their gods, for me this really removes the depth that they could have had. I find that in many of the books I really enjoy the enemy has complex motivations and that just isn’t the case in this book or the rest of the series, while the gods may have reasons for what they do, they are never fully explained to the reader which left me feeling very confused by the end of the book, I was unsure as to whether this was the ending to the series due to the sheer amount of questions I still find myself asking of all elements of the world. Personally, while I do enjoy being left with things to theorize about, I don’t enjoy finishing a series only to be left with large gaps in my knowledge in regards to both characters and the story and since this book appears to be the last of the series, I cannot say that I am at all happy with how it ended.

Whilst I didn’t enjoy the story as much as I wished to, I was happy to see some of the good dialogue from the first book returning, however I was sad to find that by the end of this series characters have moved towards fitting more generic clichés of themselves. I found that some of the characters I loved in the first book felt as though they had been stripped of what made them unique and they often were left feeling dull in comparison to how they were presented in the first book. My real problem when it came to characters is that by this book their decisions didn’t feel like they had enough weight behind them, even after four books I still didn’t feel that I knew enough to judge each character it still felt like they had important thoughts hidden away that the reader needed to know in order to fully comprehend their actions. I feel that this mainly applies to the Sa’ba Taalor who I just feel even though we spent much too long focusing on them still weren’t fully developed and even in this book there were new revelations made in regards to them.

To conclude, I think that this series had great potential and unfortunately I don’t think that it was reached I think that a lot of this came down to how slow each book was and how much Moore wanted in his series. To me it felt as though Moore had so many ideas that he wanted to throw into this series however only having 4 books to work with meant that corners were cut and it was the story suffered for it, what was left was an underdeveloped enemy in the Sa’ba Taalor and way too many lose ends by the books conclusion. For these reasons I can’t recommend either this book or the series due to how much I personally disliked within it although I am sure there are some people who most certainly have conflicting opinions.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it by clicking the link above.

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