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– Seven Forges ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 16th, 2017
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4 / 5 ★★★★☆ “An interesting premise with some great characters, but impeded by parts of the story and the fact that it didn’t quite come together as smoothly as I had hoped.”

I found this book incredibly enjoyable and I am very sad that I couldn’t give it 5 stars, there was very little to dislike, but what there was for me was too impactful to overlook. That being said I found that this book was incredibly hard to put down, it was well written the characters were likable and in most cases original and the story was both well maintained and interesting, it was not a linear book in any sense, even though I found that some elements did lack originality. The story of the book was divided into different point of view characters, this is something I enjoy in books as I feel that it helps to add depth to multiple characters and to the world itself, and this book is no different, the multiple points of view helps to give the reader more information without it feeling like constant exposition. However I do feel that in this book Moore hasn’t quite got the pacing right and I think that this can be attributed to the multiple points of view, at some points it gets hard to follow as we jump between characters mid chapter, which is something that I felt really hurt this book. I found that this was most prevalent in the first third of the book, I felt that it was paced very slowly and the exposition was often too heavy handed, whereas by the end of the book events move incredibly quickly, I feel it would be nice for the next book to find a balance between the two.

The characters themselves, for the most part I found to be superb, they were interesting, original and complex, they didn’t feel like one dimensional characters following a story, they felt like real people making decisions that led to a story which was great and really heightened my enjoyment of this book and made me want to continue following their story. It was nice to see that the strength of Moore’s characters didn’t waiver in the face of side characters either, they were developed just enough to be intriguing rather than being lifeless beings swept along by the current of the story. It was nice to see the sheer volume of characters included in this book, each chapter it felt like a new character was introduced, but it was done in a way that didn’t feel like it left me overwhelmed which I thought was great. I did have some small problems when it came to the characters however and that was how clichéd some of them felt, while some of the main characters felt very original occasionally one would come along who felt very dull in comparison, hopefully that will change as the series continues. The dialogue of this book at some points astounded me, it was nothing short of amazing and most definitely made up for some of the other shortcomings of the book especially when this dialogue was paired with the most interesting characters of this book.

I found that Moore did an excellent job of world building with this book and the subsequent series, it really was interesting to explore the world that Moore had built in this book, it was nice also due to how the story unfolded, to explore parts of the world as the characters did rather than hearing a third hand account at some point during the book. The world was made to feel very complex, there were multiple factions, multiple nations and multiple goals, I felt this added a lot to the book, as did the fact that it wasn’t over explained, whether we are going to be left to infer or whether it will be explained in time, I found that I really found the world to be an intriguing place.

All in all I did enjoy this book, although at times I found it to be somewhat difficult to read, it was on the whole very enjoyable with likable characters and an interesting story, and I will most certainly be reading the sequels.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it here.

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