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– Nevernight ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 20th, 2017
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4 / 5 ★★★★☆ “Nevernight is a book that holds nothing back, following the story of Mia Corvere on her trip to become a legend”

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff was one of my absolute favorite releases of last year it follows a young woman Mia as she loses those she loves, and strives for revenge against those who have wronged her family. Mia, who gains close links to a mysterious power cloaked in shadow spends most of the novel training to become strong enough to face those who broke her family apart, however even she doesn’t understand her powers, how far she can push them, or their implications. The book begins with a dual commentary and in my opinion is one of the best prologues ever written, as soon as I released its nature I was astounded, such a complex opening instantly set me up for the rest of the book.

Nevernight is a dark book, there is no denying that, the world that Kristoff has built is undoubtedly not a nice place, and so it is strange I suppose that throughout the book you always seem to hope to see that small shard of good within the characters. Its only when you realize that there is no justice forthcoming that you truly begin to understand those within this harsh world, I guess reading about a guild of assassins shouldn’t scream joy, but understand that this book doesn’t let up, there is no light at the end of the tunnel, no joyous subplots, it is an intense journey from start to finish, even the love story seems to be born of convenience. Kristoff has built an immersive world that captures the reader, it is as impressive as the story if not more so, and even though the full picture hasn’t been revealed I still felt invested, even when it repeatedly crushed my soul to read.

I did however have some small problems with this book, namely what I can only describe as excessive descriptions, at some points I just wanted to be told what something was without the poetry, but still it was only a small gripe, one I was happy to ignore the further I delved into the depths of this book. A dark, but twistedly beautiful book that fills a special place in my heart even if it probably shouldn’t, I can’t recommend this intriguing masterpiece enough, if you like a darker spin on your fantasy books, this is a must read for you.

If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it here the Kindle Edition was £2.00 the last time I checked definitely a bargain.

Did you enjoy the book? Tell me why or why not below.

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