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– Godblind ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • August 31st, 2017
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4 / 5 ★★★★★☆ ” An exhilarating journey into a new land, complex characters and a dark intriguing story makes this a book that’s hard to put down, but most certainly a book that isn’t for everyone.”

Godblind is another very dark book that I found myself in love with recently, it is not a genre I had ever really strove to find books in, however after reading both Godblind and Nevernight recently I may look to change that, however I do feel that even Nevernight is eclipsed by Godblind in terms of sheer violence, something that I felt really made the book great and I’m sure something that made others hate it. To get past my problem with the book first, the only thing for me that limited the 5 star review I wished to give it, was the opening I found it incredibly difficult, there were individual point of view characters in the first 6 chapters. While I am all for 6 point of view characters in a book, I feel the sheer weight dropped on the reader in the opening of this book is enough to dissuade readers, pushing past this however does produce great rewards.

Stephens has written an exquisite book, in my mind which is what you are here for, there is no doubt about it I adored the characters of this book although I did have my favorites, and my opinion did change throughout and I also found what I assumed to be a pretty cut and dry story to be full of surprises, I found myself pleasantly bewildered as I worked my way through this book. I feel that many people will have disliked the violence of this book, and be warned there is a lot of it, including one highly unpleasant scene something I suppose I should praise it for even though the descriptions do sometimes still haunt me, but at the end of it all the dark, gritty, well described violence is exactly how the book should be, it like the plot doesn’t shy away, doesn’t pull punches and so why would the brutality. The result of this dark concoction is a book that perfectly encapsulates the Grimdark genre and provides a great read for those who know what they are getting into.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it here.

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