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– Enemy ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 14th, 2017
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4 / 5 ★★★★☆ “Excellent world-building, brilliant character work and a great story, held back only by its somewhat confusing writing style and a lack of a glossary”

Enemy is a monster of a book, it is deceptively incredibly confusing, I feel that much of this can be attributed to the writing style, as much as I loved it, it made the book very hard to follow in places, especially when the point of view of the story shifted, I was often lost and was forced to re-read. While I did find that this was annoying, some of those thoughts above are due to my personal nature when it comes to reading, I feel that my gripes could have been fixed with a glossary, but I’m sure other readers have found no problems with this book and as it is, this was my only problem with the book, I found everything else was spectacular. First, the story I found that the story of this book was great, it was wonderfully both complex and telegraphed at the same time, what I mean by that is that at its heart the book is very linear however the amount of things that are thrown at the characters and the many facets of the world, make it feel incredibly complex and great fun to read.

The characters within the book were amazing, I loved the main characters, I felt that they always had another story to tell, they were never quite fully revealed to the reader and often it was left to the reader to infer what certain motives might be, which is something that I love in fantasy books, I really feel that it adds a lot of depth to the story. When it came to side characters however I do feel that there could have been slight improvements to perhaps make them more memorable, towards the end of the book sometimes it feels new characters are just thrown at the reader and often I had no idea of who they were or what their significance was, which would be fine however I felt every character in the book understood the characters completely. The world of Enemy felt very similar to Godblind, and in fact the story isn’t too different either, since I adored Godblind it isn’t too far of a leap to see that I loved this book as well, I found that the world was full of hidden depths and that it was in no way over explained, which occasionally was to the books detriment, but in its entirety the world was incredibly strong.

All in all, I found that I really enjoyed this book, I thought the story was fast paced and exciting, I found the characters to be interesting and worth reading about and I found that the world was intriguing and complimented both the story and characters very well. I feel that although the book at points could have benefited from further explanation, it was a great read and in no way boring, it is a complex book that occasionally required backtracking but a great book nonetheless.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it here.

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