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– Dragon Hunters ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 1st, 2017
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5 / 5 ★★★★★ “The sequel this series deserved, exceptionally imaginative providing a different perspective into this intriguing world, introducing some great new characters and expanding on the foundations of the first book.”

Dragon Hunters is a book that while it is part of a series, I believe could just as easily be read as a standalone novel, I thought it was superb a total shift in focus from the first book, moving from a gloomy quest to a magnificent nautical fantasy book and putting a somewhat unique spin on the idea of dragons in fantasy, all of which made for a great book. Dragon Hunters for me benefits massively from a tighter story, both geographically and in regards to characters who all felt somewhat more defined, I enjoyed the new types of magic introduced and in this book I did not feel overwhelmed, a nice change to be sure.

Turner introduces us to a new corner of his world and starts to build what I assume to be the overarching theme of the entire series, it gave me much more enjoyment knowing that each book would be linked rather than just a group of associated stories. I thoroughly enjoyed the new characters introduced in this book, none of them felt too clichéd, and they all had depth, I never felt like I truly understood a character or their motivations, it really did mean I was more invested in the story. My only problem when it comes to characters was the lack of interaction between the point of view characters, I longed to the see the conversations that would occur when they met, I was sad when it wasn’t forthcoming, I felt the first book also shared a similar problem with not enough time for the “main” characters to interact. However that isn’t to say that each individual character wasn’t incredibly fun to read, there was no problems with the dialogue there, it was only that I felt it would have brought the story more alive to see interactions between say Senar and Kempis, even though their individual stories were incredibly pleasing.

The story itself was much less linear as well in comparison to the first book, I was never able to tell where the story was going, it was constantly shifting as each character plotted and schemed to me it felt alive, something which I feel few books fail to achieve, each individuals story felt isolated until it was made clear how it fit into the larger picture and I was constantly left guessing as to what would happen next. Dragon Hunters was a book that I thoroughly enjoyed, the characters all had hidden complexities, Turner didn’t decide to bombard me with new magical systems and the story was intriguing, all in all it made for a great book, one that expands upon the hidden complexities of the world and nicely sets up a new story for the next book.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it here.

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