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– City of Wonders ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 18th, 2017
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2 / 5 ★★☆☆☆ “After the first book, this one doesn’t even feel as though it is by the same author, repetitive and dull.”

I was incredibly disappointed after finishing this book, after books 1 and 2 I still had hope for this series and if I’m honest, to some extent I still do, however this book was not an enjoyable read, it felt too repetitive and the large scenes for me, fell totally flat. As I have stated in my reviews of the previous instalments, I liked the way this series was shaping up and I still do, that hasn’t changed, it is for that reason alone that this book has two stars, I still feel that there is the potential for a brilliant book combining the great elements of the series so far. That being said I hated this book, I thought that the story was uninspired, there was another step backwards from book 2 rather than focusing on what was great about book 1, I thought the characters regressed in terms of development, they felt more one dimensional than ever and finally, I felt that the world lost some of its quality, it felt as though Moore had a lot of ideas and wanted them all on page and so that’s what he did. I feel that this can really be seen in the main events of this book, I feel the description was just not there, it was either too long for no real reason, or missing entirely, for the locations and the battles became repetitive and ridiculously predictable. Characters decisions in this book didn’t feel as though they were backed up with enough weight and the “Gods” began to feel like a very cheap storytelling device that was constantly presented to the reader, there are most certainly better ways to ensure the reader understands the importance of particular points.

The characters in this book disappointed me, after being the redeeming feature of the first two books I found this very hard, they were just bland, again like book 2 I find that these can largely be attributed to the story and the fact that not much really happened. However, it also felt as though Moore ran out of intriguing characters to introduce, along with the story there were no real developments with the story, it felt as though they all slotted in to their assigned places from book 2, it would have been nice to see some variety and some big twists when it came to characters, but they just weren’t there. I find that at this point in the series, I really do have to mention how much I dislike the idea of “the sisters” after being presented as strong individual characters, why are they made to seem like eye-candy, I feel that they are completely interchangeable their only defining feature appears to be their hair colour which is described way too many times during this book. All in all, I found that the characters in this book felt dull, after such strong character work in both books 1 and 2 this both surprised and disappointed me, even the dialogue took a turn for the worst in this book, which really didn’t do it any favours.

My hope was that by the third book in a four book series I would be able to understand how things went together, physically, culturally or conceptually, but even now I am left confused and that fact saddens me due to the potential that I thought this series had. I was very sad to have finished this book and most certainly not for the right reasons and I doubt I will have the patience to sit through another instalment of this series, which is a very saddening thought considering my opinions of this series’ debut.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it by clicking the link above.

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