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– Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne ( Series Review ) –

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  • September 1st, 2017
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2 / 5 ★★☆☆☆ “A bland story with some very strange writing choices, especially when it comes to characters, makes for a book that’s offensive to its own genre, the cover was worth at least a star though.”

I will happily start this review by saying that I thoroughly disliked this series, as you have probably realized as you clicked on the post, I feel the need to review the entire series as a whole due to the context each book provides to my points, and just a quick warning in the fact that this review will be full of SPOILERS, consider yourself warned.

The Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne series follows three siblings, who act nothing like siblings, they side with strangers over their own family, they betray each other, they even attempt to kill each other. Whilst these notions aren’t absurd I never feel like Staveley manages to provide a suitable reason, it’s like he went in to his book with no ideas and then whenever he thought of something that would be cool, he threw it right on in there. I think my main example of this is Chapter 54 of the third book, this chapter begins with the line “Gwenna could still remember the day she’s fallen in love with Valyn” first off, what? Unless I was missing obvious hints, this is totally new information with less than 20% of the last book in the series left, and secondly it is never mentioned again, it isn’t a subtle hint they end up together, I don’t think that they even speak for the rest of the book which leads to my question, why? I have at this point in time read this series through twice and I am still unable to follow characters decisions, most of them verge on insane Triste’s instant 180 shift in opinion and what is it with her falling in love where did that come from? Adare stabbing her brother and joining with a stranger and worst of all in my opinion is the ending the ending left me with so many questions and I didn’t feel as though they were the good kind, I was confused. Even after a re-read, which I felt the book deserved after so many positive reviews, I was left disliking the characters and their bizarre decisions more, at the end of it all I felt like Staveley had attempted to write a story that was too big, there were too many elements he wanted to throw in, the blind warrior, the immortals, the gods, magic, ancient lore and last of all, all of the coincidences.

There comes a point where I feel I should stop, so I will as you have probably inferred, I really didn’t like these books the only upside I found within them was the world itself it did feel rich and immersive, even if it was full of the most uncanny coincidences, for me it was the characters themselves that let the book down that and the fact that when you consider it nothing really happened in the book, I can’t pick out any key parts I loved, there was no “Helm’s Deep” or “Red Wedding” who knows maybe I just expect too much of my books.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it here.

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