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– The Blasted Lands ( Fantasy Book Review ) –

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  • September 17th, 2017
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3 / 5 ★★★☆☆ “Very few real changes from the first book and I found that looking back at the book, nothing really happened” 

As much as I was happy to with the debut of this series, with this book I found that I could not ignore the things that I disliked, whilst in the first book I was often able to overlook certain areas due to the strength of others, in this book while there were parts that I did enjoy, I found too much that I didn’t. My first problem with this book is the story, while I did enjoy it as I was reading, when it came to the end I found myself looking back wondering what had actually happened, after the very hasty pace set during the end of book 1 this did come as quite a shock, I expected a continuation of this kind of pace, instead I felt that the book was mainly exposition. My main problem with this is that this book focuses much more on the Sa’Ba Taalor who personally, I didn’t feel very invested in and so while it was interesting in parts often I found that I wasn’t at all interested in learning about another aspect of their culture. I feel that the first book handled exposition well, there was much left to the imagination, I could guess at parts and at the end I found I still had questions that I would be happy to find out about in the next books this book for me, took this to the other extreme and I do not think it served the book well. There were, however single moments of greatness hidden within this book that I found very much reflected book 1 and I hope very much to see more of this in book 3, along with a more defined story.

In the first book I had found that the characters were a redeeming feature for some of the more mundane aspects of the book, I could rely on them to have interesting dialogue and provide real enjoyment however when the characters don’t really do much in this book, there is very little chance for them to shine. In this book, I found that I still loved the characters, much as I had expected to and the dialogue was still just as well written, however nothing that they did felt meaningful, long conversations very often solely for the point of exposition and then it felt as though it was mainly for the readers benefit. So while I did still thoroughly enjoy the character work of this book, I felt that it was let down by the story. I found that there was one new point of view character who was introduced in this book and I found that as with the first book they were written very well and did help to redeem this book somewhat, I just wish that there had been further added characters to perhaps increase my enjoyment some more.

I find the main reason for why I dislike this book was the story and in particular the pacing of this book, I hope that it can be fixed for the third book as I do find myself enjoying the idea of the full picture that is hinted at throughout books 1 and 2 even if I found this book incredibly slow to read, the characters were as great as book 1 but as I have said, were let down by the story. All of this being said, I still hold hope for this series as a whole and will continue the series in the hopes that it returns to the strengths of the first book and takes some of the insights learnt from this one.

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If you haven’t read it and wish to you can find it by clicking the link above.

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